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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Shopify as Your eCommerce Platform
Written by
Simon Shamailov
October 9, 2023

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Shopify as Your eCommerce Platform

There are many ecommerce platforms out there. Why should you choose Shopify?

Now more than ever, having an internet presence or an ecommerce store is essential to growing any business. Whether or not someone has already had some success selling a product, it's not always easy to diversify and expand the reach. This is where Shopify comes in! 

Shopify is software that permits anyone to establish an internet store and sell their products. This does not tell the whole story, though. Shopify is not just a store builder or a tool to sell your products. Shopify is an ecommerce platform that has the ability to expedite the launching of the business of your dreams and start selling to your customers, wherever they may be. 

We have been Shopify partners for some time now and would like to share our expertise in the field. We know the platform inside and out and have compiled 10 reasons why you ought to use Shopify for your online business. 

Below is a list of these 10 reasons and a lengthier description

  1. Shopify is easy to establish and manage
  2. Shopify provides advanced marketing tools
  3. Shopify puts you at ease with safety and security features
  4. Shopify stores have high rankings on search engines
  5. Shopify has unbeatable and reliable customer service
  6. Shopify accepts a wide range of payment options
  7. Shopify helps your customers not abandon their carts
  8. Shopify works both on desktop and mobile
  9. Shopify provides an opportunity to sell in person
  10. Shopify reports trends and data to analyse performance.

Easy Management

Shopify is extremely easy to manage. Many worry that they don't have much experience designing or creating a user-friendly ecommerce site. Shopify has many templates, tools, and style features so anyone, even people who don't consider themselves creative types, can create something beautiful. 

On the other hand, what if you love to customise every little detail? Shopify allows for this by providing you with complete control over the design process. Those with coding experience can code to their heart’s content using Shopify’s native liquid. It is totally up to you! 

Marketing Tools

It's one thing to make a user-friendly online store that everybody would love. The marketing tools on the Shopify platform help you reach more customers through the built-in blog and SEO tools. Shopify really stands out in this regard as it was designed for ecommerce. There are tools and marketing options that aren’t available on any other ecommerce platform.

In addition, these tools will help start marketing campaigns on Google and Facebook. Best of all, you'll be able to track the performance of this marketing to determine its effectiveness and improve your strategy. 

Safe and Secure

There is a lack of trust, and that especially applies to the Internet. Data breaches and viruses can affect servers; fraud is widespread. Shopify has a Level one PCI DSS certification. The Shopify store has a 256-bit SSL certificate. There are six categories of PCI (payment card industry) standards, and Shopify meets all of them. 

It’s a lot of technical jargon but having peace of mind knowing that Shopify is handling site security allows you to focus on sales and grow your business. You can feel confident that the user experience and the back end are totally safe and secure. 

Grow with SEO

When you search SEO in Google, there are about 665,000,000 million results. On the first page of the results, one can find the following definition: “search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the process of improving the quality and quantity of a website from search engines.” One can find this definition on the first page of searches. That is the point. Shopify helps you add sales by optimising this process, guaranteeing more people will see your site.

When scouring the internet for a specific product, you want users to see your site asap. Users tend to trust Google in determining which sites are the best for them. With superior build and performance, your online store will be optimised for search engines.

'24/7' Customer Service

Long wait times and no responses are nonexistent with Shopify customer service. You can choose to contact them by phone, email, or chat with an agent. There are also forums and the help centre where you can look up answers at your own convenience. 

Regardless of what Shopify plan you choose, customer service is always included. With the premium Shopify plus plan, an individual Shopify expert is assigned to help launch and build your online store. When you have all this support, it helps reduce stress and anxiety and allows you to provide excellent customer care as well.

Receive Payment on your Terms

Shopify accepts PayPal, credit cards, bitcoin even gold bricks… ok, maybe not gold bricks. However, you can also choose to use Shopify’s own payment system. What’s the benefit? The payment system is integrated, seamless and secure. Also, you can avoid transaction fees both by credit cards and other payment systems.

Users want payment options, and if they don’t see their preferred option, they might leave an online store. Shopify understands this and therefore provides more options than most other ecommerce platforms. This bodes well for your bottom line.

Cart Abandonment

Imagine the scene. You spend an hour at the shop, buying everything you need. Then you get to the end, see the cashier, and promptly abandon your cart and leave the store. In reality, this does not happen often, but it is estimated that this occurs sixty to seventy per cent of the time in online shopping. What does Shopify do about this?

Shopify tracks these abandoned carts and sends a friendly reminder to the customer, who might need a little push in the right direction. These emails can be fully customised so you can get creative in your responses.

Become Mobile-Friendly

Chances are that you are reading this on your mobile device, be it a phone or tablet. Many experts estimate that fifty per cent of consumers do their online shopping on their mobile devices. Shopify offers a mobile-friendly website. 

There is a difference between having a desktop site that is adapted to mobile and a mobile-friendly website. The fluid design is easy to use, and users do not feel like they have to go to a desktop to do their shopping. Your store will look fabulous no matter the device. 

POS (Point of sale)

Many believe that Shopify is just an ecommerce platform and affects only your online sales. With Shopify POS, you can also sell your products in person, at fairs, markets, or brick and mortars. Even if you started your business at a physical location, Shopify could help you expand your reach by building out your online store. 

Having POS capabilities allows you to develop an omnichannel marketing strategy. This strategy will enable you to sell your products at various times and locations and in various ways. In-person, social media, website, mobile app- all of it is at your fingertips.

Analytics and Reports

After you have completed all the steps and set up your eCommerce store on Shopify, you can sit back and enjoy your increase in sales. However, how much sales, who showed interest, and what products were most popular? The analytics section has dozens of reports, all conveniently located in an overview dashboard. 

Heat maps show user activity and what call to action was most effective. You can export all your data into a spreadsheet and sort and range to your heart’s content for even more detail. 


These are just ten of the reasons why you should use Shopify. There are even more! Yes, like anything, Shopify has its pros and cons. But growing demands and the rapid growth of ecommerce necessitate innovative solutions. We would be happy to assist you with all your marketing needs, and our Shopify expertise will simplify this process. 

If you are striving to increase your sales or become the next big thing, Shopify is your one-stop shop to establish, build, and grow your business!

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