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Safe mining with
Innovative Scanning Tech


UX/UI Design — Case Study
DepthsTech is a company specialising in tunnel scanning and subsequent concreting. Their operators use detailed scans to monitor the thickness of concrete applied to tunnel walls, ensuring exceptional precision and safety in every project.
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UX Research
UI Design


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Dan JohnDan John
Through rigorous research, deep expertise, and trusted methodologies, our team has acquired a comprehensive understanding of how to improve interactions with the platform deep underground. We have developed a tablet interface, enabling operators to visualise real-time scans of tunnels and monitor the thickness of applied concrete. This solution enhances safety and efficiency in tunnel construction.
Dan JohnDan JohnDan John
The DepthsTech logo represents the synergy between scanning, concreting, and tunnelling expertise. It is a fusion of interconnected triangles stylised in the form of excavator teeth, which symbolises technology, the power to dig through rocks, and precision in measurements. The sharp angles and clean lines reflect the company's attention to detail and professionalism.
Dan JohnDan JohnDan JohnDan JohnDan JohnDan JohnDan JohnDan John
UX/UI design
DepthsTech's branding is built on reliability and precision in tunnel construction. The colours tell the story: Dark Gunmetal for strength and professionalism, Chinese Black for expertise and authority, Outer Space for advanced technology and limitless potential, and Light Silver for modernity and safety.
Dan JohnDan JohnDan John
We have created a brand identity concept that effectively addresses the challenges presented by DepthsTech. The brand image is visually striking and memorable, instilling confidence and a sense of controlled safety. The interface is designed to work seamlessly in underground environments with no natural light while also conveying the company's expertise in the tunnelling industry.
Dan JohnDan John

Dan John

UX/UI Design — Case Study
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