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Josh Wood Colour

UX/UI Design — Case Study
Josh Wood and his team are renowned for their expertise in shaping global hair colour trends. Josh and his team approached Fourmeta to help recreate their unique salon experience for their digital clientele.
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UX/UI Design


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Josh Wood ColourJosh Wood Colour
Main approach
For our UX design strategy to really fly, we needed to understand the wants and needs of the Josh Wood clientele. With so much riding on the website user journey, we had to find a way to connect with their audience and create a seamless user experience.
Josh Wood ColourJosh Wood ColourJosh Wood ColourJosh Wood Colour
User interviews and buyer personas informed our redesign of the desktop and mobile interface and UX. A/B testing provided actionable data to add key features, including the Miracle System—an automated shade recommendation based on user input, and the Virtual Master Colour Wizard—a tool to recreate the Josh Wood Salon experience online. 
Josh Wood ColourJosh Wood ColourJosh Wood Colour
Shopify Headless eCommerce
By choosing a headless configuration, Josh Wood could leave behind a monolithic platform overcoming the challenge of a lack of functionality. Headless ecommerce is a modern solution providing greater developer freedom and easier content management. However, the journey of going headless was not straightforward and required meticulous planning and execution.
Josh Wood ColourJosh Wood ColourJosh Wood Colour
Fourmeta came onboard to help Josh Wood share his expertise globally and create a unique virtual salon experience. Key to the project’s success was through research and robust testing to craft a unique journey tailored to each of Josh Wood’s valued clientele.
Josh Wood Colour

Bleed Esports

UX/UI Design — Case Study
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