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Empowering Student
Work Experience

Changing Education

UX/UI Design — Case Study
The Changing Education team contacted Fourmeta for assistance in creating a platform that links students with employers. This project had three main components: the development of a new website, the creation of a mobile app for students and employees, and the establishment of an employer portal.
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UX Research
UI Design


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Dan JohnDan John
UX Design & Research
Thorough user research helped us address all possible pain points and create a smooth and intuitive UX that enables students to seamlessly connect with employers. The UX design is characterised by its clarity, user-friendliness, and consistent design and messaging.
Dan John
For crafting the brand identity, we have chosen a clean, modern typeface to convey professionalism. We have selected white as a symbol of clarity and a fresh start, while violet represents inspiration, creativity, ambition, and transformation.
Dan JohnDan JohnDan JohnDan JohnDan John
The revamped brand identity and messaging position Changing Education as a forward-thinking and innovative player in the education and career development space. It incorporates a clean and modern aesthetic and a well-thought-out information architecture. The brand radiates trustworthiness and a commitment to connecting students to opportunities.
Dan JohnDan JohnDan John


UX/UI Design — Case Study
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