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Defend Against
Phishing Attacks


UX/UI Design — Case Study
Phishing attacks, a prevalent and damaging cyber threat, continue to pose risks to individuals and businesses alike. CyberSafe has partnered with Fourmeta to develop a customised app designed to improve users' ability to recognise and combat phishing attacks, ensuring a safer online experience for everyone.
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UI Design


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Dan JohnDan JohnDan John
Concept and branding
The tone is informative and reassuring, and the UI design serves as a reminder that, despite the virtual facade of the digital world, the dangers it conceals are undeniably real.
Dan JohnDan JohnDan John
UX Design & Research
The branding of PhishPhinder is centred around the core theme of cybersecurity and vigilance against phishing attacks. The use of carmine pink in the brand's visual identity signifies alertness and a sense of urgency in safeguarding against cyber threats.
Dan John
The brand identity concept of PhishPhinder effectively encapsulates their mission to raise awareness about cybersecurity and the dangers of phishing attacks. PhishPhinder's goal is to become a trusted tool in the fight against phishing attacks, making the online world safer for individuals and businesses alike.
Dan John


UX/UI Design — Case Study
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